Join J&S Dance for an evening of mainly Sequence dancing on the first two Fridays of each month at New Farnley Community Centre, Leeds

7:30pm - 10:30pm, Entry £5 per person (includes free draw)

Your entrance fee includes entry to a draw which takes place half-way through the evening

The Dancing

During the evening's dancing we play mainly sequence dancing with occasional ballroom and latin dances. We play a lot of the favourites throughout the evening and add in some of the less common sequence dances as we go along. Each evening is different and the dances and track line-up is never the same from one evening to the next!

There is always room for requests, though there are so many different sequence dances out there you may be the only couple out on the floor and you'll be our star turn for the night ... although if you're not keen on taking the limelight then don't worry, we are happy to check in advance whether you'll be on your own!

The Music

Our dance programme is bringing together the best music from a collection of almost 60 CDs - that's nearly 1,300 tracks to choose from! The music that we play is from the original CDs and is of highest quality possible, no inferior copies here! Quality components deliver a rich and enjoyable listening and dancing experience, with a clear beat for dancing. For the geeks amongst us, the components are a Numark player with pitch and tempo controls, Yamaha DBR-10 speakers, mixer and Sennheiser microphone.

New Farnley Community Centre

The New Farnley Community Centre has a super wooden floor. It is a generous size (40 feet x 20 feet) and is kept in good condition so it is a lovely surface to dance on. The carpeted area that surrounds the floor is set up with tables and chairs for your comfort. We ensure that the dance floor is totally clear of any furniture so maximum space is available for dancing. The community centre has a fully-licensed, well-stocked and very reasonably-priced bar and is open throughout the evening. Tea and coffee are available.

Your Hosts



I started dancing when I met Steve 22 years ago. He came along to all my beginner classes with me, good job he had plenty of patience :) After entering one competition many years ago and coming 3rd I swore never to enter another one ever again. "But 3rd is good" I hear you say, well yes it is, but not when there's only 3 in the comp hahaha, and it was very off-putting to see my dance teacher partnering one of my rivals. My favourite dance is Rumba, which is lucky as it's also Steve's. My least favourite is Foxtrot, which is a shame as it's Steve's second favourite! It is surprising how quickly dances and steps can be forgotten but then also surprising how easy it is for a sequence dance that hasn't been danced for years just coming straight back to you. I love Sequence dancing with Argentine Stroll, Emmerdale Waltz and the Mayfair Quickstep, danced to Michael Flatley's Irish tune, being amongst my favourites.


I've been enjoying dancing ballroom and latin for over 30 years. I remember sitting in drafty dance halls doing my homework, while my parents danced, with an occasional cha cha or waltz with my mum. I really got in to dancing at university where you could get a whole year's of lessons with the ballroom dancing society for a tenner - though space was at a premium when there were hundreds of students learning as well. Then when my job moved, I moved dance schools and carried on my lessons. I've passed ballroom dancing exams to Gold medal and to First Gold bar in Latin. I also entered a few dance competitions - in my youth - but my memory used to fail me as soon as the music started. Julie wants routines for our dancing, but I've resisted because I know that I'll forget them as soon as the music starts! As a dance host on Cunard and Crystal cruises, I've been lucky to have danced in many corners of the world. The ladies on board are all different abilities, from absolute beginner to advanced competitor so it is important to understand how good your partner is and dance to their level. I feel that I'm very good at making the lady feel at ease and have a strong lead, allowing the lady to react and dance the next steps. Favourite dance is Rumba, followed by Foxtrot, then Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Viennese Waltz (in no particular order!). I'm really getting into the sequence dances, loving the Argentine Stroll and Mambo Magic though I'm hating the over-played Michael Flatley's tune (see Julie's bio!)

Where to find us

New Farnley Community Centre, Low Moorside, New Farnley, LEEDS LS12 5EA

Directions & Parking

From the M621 junction 2, head towards Leeds/Pudsey/Airport on the A6610. At the second roundabout (Ringways Garage, Wortley) stay in the left-hand lane and follow the A58 Whitehall Road, signposted Halifax A58. After 1 mile turn right onto Lawns Lane (in front of Styrin garage). Take the next left onto Low Moorside. The community centre is on the right before the Co-op.

There are approximately 15 free parking spaces between the community centre and the Co-op. There is also ample roadside parking.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our Dance evenings or calendar, please contact us at:
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