Colin Ashley

Front-End Web Developer

Progressive Web Apps for Desktops and Mobiles

Websites, eStores, Email & Hosting

Social Media Management

Client Portfolio

Patchouli Therapy

Patchouli Therapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Offering psycho-therapeutic counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and solution-focused interventions to help you manage some of the daily challenges in life.

Bus & Bug Vintage Weddings

Bus & Bug Vintage Weddings

VW Bus & Bug Wedding Chauffer Driven Hire

Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings is a small family run business based in Cowfold, West Sussex covering East and West Sussex and parts of Surrey and Kent. Let us take care of your special day in true vintage style with our chauffeur driven and uniquely restored classic vehicles.

J and S Dance

J and S Dance

Ballroom, Latin & Sequence Social Dance

Join J&S Dance for an evening of Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dances every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at the New Farnley Community Centre, Leeds.

Development Projects


Commuter Train Information
  • Submitted: 5th Oct 2018
  • Platform: Async, Local Storage, APIs, JS, HTML, CSS
  • GitHub: Commuter Train App

A Progressive Web App utilising Async API calls to the National Rail Enquiries database to provide fast access to up-to-date train departure and delay information

Sun Stats App

Sun Stats Web App
  • Submitted: 27th July 2018
  • Platform: Local Storage, APIs, JS, HTML, CSS
  • GitHub: Sun Stats App

A JavaScript Web App utilising the API together with Google Maps API reverse geocoding to display location based Sun event timings

Polagram App

Polagram Web App
  • Submitted: 3rd August 2018
  • Platform: APIs, JS, HTML, CSS
  • GitHub: PolaGram

A JavaScript Web App to display my instagram photos as Polaroid style thumbprints. Utilises the instafeed library

Google-Udacity Nano-Degree Projects

Neighborhood Map App

Neighborhood Map App

A Neighborhood Map App built on React and incorporating Async Network access, Caching and utilising the Google Maps and FourSquare APIs

My Reads App

My Reads App
  • Submitted: 13th July 2018
  • Platform: React, APIs, JS, HTML, CSS
  • GitHub: My Reads App

A book library App built on React and React-Router, utilising Async Network Access, Caching and API calls

Restaurant Reviews App

Restaurant Reviews App

A restaurant Reviews App incorporating ARIA Accessibility, Servicer-Worker Network access & Caching to provide offline content, traffic reduction and performance

Cat Clicker(MVO)

Cat Clicker (MVO)

Cat Clicker App in JavaScript written in MVO style

Jasmine Testing

Jasmine Testing

Javascript testing using Jasmine, including Async calls

Classic Arcade Game

Memory Game

A Javascript based clone of a Classic Arcade Game

Memory Game

Memory Game
  • Submitted: 2nd April 2018
  • Platform: HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • GitHub: memory-game

A Javascript based card-matching Memory Game

Pixel Art Maker

Pixel Art Maker

A Javascript based pixel Art Tool

Portfolio Project

Project: Portfolio

A fully responsive and animated media query based Portfolio Page

Common Responsive Patterns 2

Common Responsive Patterns Final
  • Submitted: 2nd March 2018
  • Platform: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

A more responsive pattern, removing columns, responsive images and line limiting

Common Responsive Patterns 1

Common Responsive Patterns
  • Submitted: 1st March 2018
  • Platform: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

An example of a common responsive pattern using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. This example responds to the width of the device on which it is viewed

Resume Site on Mobile

Resume Site on Mobile
  • Submitted: 5th March 2018
  • Platform: HTML & CSS

A responsive Resume, for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Animal Trading Card

Animal Trading Card
  • Submitted: 19th February 2018
  • platform: HTML & CSS

An example of a card design in HTML & CSS